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top 11 things to say when someone gets you a thanks brand t-shirt

we realize that getting a cool thanks brand t-shirt for a loved one is popular, and since we're actually in the business of giving people thanks brand t-shirts, we've heard just about everything one can say to express gratitude upon receiving a shirt, so we decided to compile the top eleven ways people have verbally appreciated these gestures.

1. "wow, I sure do appreciate it!"

this is a classic. it's an excellent way to quickly tell anyone that you appreciate a gift. especially a thanks brand t-shirt. in fact, i heard this one whilst making a recent transaction just yesterday.

2. "gee, this is something special! ill cherish it forever."

this response can send a tingle down the spine of the gift giver. forever?? really? thats a really long time, but it's worth it for a thanks brand t-shirt. i mean, once you put one on, you truly do look as good as you feel.

3."what a cool design! you know it kinda bothers me that they don't capitalize anything on their website, though."


4. "much obliged"

cool. it's like some old english remark. a little dry, but we dig it, we dig it.

5. "how can i ever repay you? my soul? my first born? cheese?"

it's pretty safe to say that if anyone offers you their first born that they really liked it and whatever you gave them had them pretty ecstatic.

6. "im ecstatic"

thats. just great. just wonderful. good for you, todd.

7. "t̶̵́͠h̷̸͜ à̧ń̶͝ķ̸̡͠ ̶̷͡y̡͘̕͢ o͝ u̧"


8. "blessed be this day, my unending gratitude is yours, my child."

we. we liked this one. um. its not often someone throws around the words "my child" but whoever they are, most likely are pretty cool so this one's a win in our book.

9. "how original! it's wild nobody's thought about doing something like this before! did you come up with this all on your own? aww, i love it. <3"

thanks mamma :)

10. "cool...! wow...! really... what an...INTERESTING uh gift!"

haha, it's no biggie really, i just knew you'd love it honestly. no really, its no big deal you know its really nothing i'm serious haha no i mean it no go on, you're silly haha

11. "OwO whats this?"

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